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Ficus Tuffi Standards

Ficus Tuffi Standards

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Ficus Tuffi Standards

Perhaps the most popular plant for hedging and fence line privacy in Auckland's central suburbs. These trees can transform your backyard into a private sanctuary in the heart of the city.

These Ficus Tuffis are standards, which means lower branches have been trimmed as they grow and trunks have been trained straight as an arrow. 

This makes them very attractive trees to create cover along fence lines. They can also be grown in pots around decks and entrances to bring some nature into bullt spaces.  if trimmed regularly.

Total heigh

Ideal for floating hedges, formal looking gardens and along fence lines. 

How tall will Ficus Tuffi grow?

Ficus Tuffi grow quickly, and will comfortably reach 3m tall in good soil with adequate light.  They're a very hardy tree that responds well to a regular trim so if your space is smaller its easy enough to maintain them at a lower heigh if needed. It is a very versatile tree and ideal for maintaining privacy from the neighbours windows and roof line, while still letting plenty of light through.


Can Ficus Tuffi be used for hedges?

Ficus Tuffi is ideal for hedging due its dense foliage, interesting shades of green, ranging from pale green, to lime, to dark and resilient leaves which don't mind being trimmed back and shaped twice a year for maintaining sharp attractive hedges. Using standards for hedging helps give a formal look, and lower demand on roots.

Do you deliver Ficus Tuffi in Auckland?

Yes, from January to October trees are available for Auckland wide delivery only.  There is a flat fee of $19 for secure delivery in Auckland and trees are delivered within 2-3 days of placing your order. 


Can you buy Ficus Tuffi online? 

Yes, Misa Trees provides secure online checkout and accepts all payment methods.  You will receive a Tax Invoice automatically upon placing your order with us.  The actual trees available for purchase online are shown in the photos and video on this page.  

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