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Ficus Tuffi Standards

Ficus Tuffi Standards


Ficus Tuffi Standards

Perhaps the most popular plant for hedging and fence line privacy in Auckland's central suburbs. These trees can transform your backyard into a private sanctuary in the heart of the city.

These Ficus Tuffis are standards, which means lower branches have been trimmed as they grow and trunks have been trained straight as an arrow. 

This makes them very attractive trees to create cover along fence lines. They can also be grown in pots around decks and entrances to bring some nature into bullt spaces.  if trimmed regularly.

Updated Jul/Aug

Total height now 1.5 metres including pot.  

Ideal for floating hedges, formal looking gardens and along fence lines. 

How tall will Ficus Tuffi grow?

Ficus Tuffi grow quickly, and will comfortably reach 3m tall in good soil with adequate light.  They're a very hardy tree that responds well to a regular trim so if your space is smaller its easy enough to maintain them at a lower heigh if needed. It is a very versatile tree and ideal for maintaining privacy from the neighbours windows and roof line, while still letting plenty of light through.


Can Ficus Tuffi be used for hedges?

Ficus Tuffi is ideal for hedging due its dense foliage, interesting shades of green, ranging from pale green, to lime, to dark and resilient leaves which don't mind being trimmed back and shaped twice a year for maintaining sharp attractive hedges. Using standards for hedging helps give a formal look, and lower demand on roots.

Do you deliver Ficus Tuffi in Auckland?

Yes, from January to October trees are available for Auckland wide delivery only.  There is a flat fee of $19 for secure delivery in Auckland and trees are delivered within 2-3 days of placing your order. 


Can you buy Ficus Tuffi online? 

Yes, Misa Trees provides secure online checkout and accepts all payment methods.  You will receive a Tax Invoice automatically upon placing your order with us.  The actual trees available for purchase online are shown in the photos and video on this page.  

Tree size guide.

Regular Auckland homes.

Regular ceiling height in Auckland homes is 2.4m, so Small, Medium and Large trees all work well if this is you. Keep in mind as the sizes step up trees become wider too, so you should consider your space when choosing the ideal size.

Villas, bungalows and high ceilings.

Auckland villa ceilings range from 3.3 to 3.6m while Bungalow ceilings are 2.7m and archetectual homes may be even higer. Huge and Massive sizes work will well here, or to really fill the space you could consider a Reindeer (see below).

Reindeer collection: big and beautiful.

Our Reindeer collection are New Zealand's biggest real Christmas Trees ranging from 10-20 foot. They are grown right here in Mount Eden and shaped perfectly to fill out special spaces ranging from nice homes to office foyers and more. Click here to learn more and book.

Our delivery service

Misa Christmas Trees has been growing and selling Christmas trees from our Mount Eden farm since 1940. While others have come and gone, we stayed the course by always paying special attention to caring for our trees and caring for our customers.

Today we offer Auckland's longest running, highest rated delivery service Auckland wide 7 days a week. Our delivery service is guided by the same old school principals that have kept us going for 80 years, and is unlike any other.

Our delivery trees are hand picked to meet quality standards and delivered in mint condition on custom-shaded trucks. Our friendly delivery service includes trimming the base on arrival so your tree can take in water and setting your tree up securely for you.

We are also available 24/7 during the Christmas season to accommodate any changes you need to make. Need to a change a date or size? Need a stand at the last minute? No worries we'll sort it for you no questions asked and amend your order online in minutes.

We hope to see you this Christmas.

Customer reviews

"I cannot recommend Misa Christmas Trees enough!! Communication, delivery and pickup were incredible - and the tree was a total delight!!! it absolutely made my Christmas (and also helped bring some magic to my home as I recovered from surgery!). Thank you!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟"

Kate O. - Facebook

"The family that runs this place are the most genuinely kind people who are so passionate and happy to help. Great range of trees and good prices, hard to know why you’d go anywhere else."

Oliver Cooper - 5 Star Google Review

"This place is fantastic. Trees are beautiful and fresh, and the staff are super friendly and very helpful. Misa trim and shape their trees right up to the day you get to choose one! The trees are always fresh, in water and in the shade - which is probably why they are by far the best! Every tree we have taken home from the farm has lasted at least 4 weeks (often 5, even 6) before losing the fresh colour and smell - so long as you remember to keep them watered! The farm also sells stands, lights, etc, and offer a very speedy delivery service. for 10 years now, choosing a tree from here is one of our favourite Christmas traditions. If you haven't already, make Misa one of yours!"

Ben King - 5 Star Google Review

"Love my tree! Thank you Team. Will be back next year :)"

Georgia T - 5 Star Google Review

"Great choice. Excellent value"

James M - 5 Star Google Review

"Misa Trees is definitely the place to go for a real Christmas Tree. They are fresh, well groomed and available in various sizes. They even sell the stands to make life easy. The staff are friendly and easy to deal with. The premises are neat and tidy. The place runs like clock work. I can definitely recommend this business."

Debbie G - 5 Star Google Review

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