Price List

Christmas trees up to 10ft

Select a tree from our farm, or fresh-cut from our shaded ventilated sheds.

Apartment up to 3ft (1.00m) - $45

Small up to 6ft (1.83m) - $60

Medium up to 7ft (2.13m) - $75

Large up to 8ft (2.44m) - $95

Huge up to 9ft (2.74m) - $170

Massive up to 10ft (3.05m) - $270

Odd shape special - $35 

Reindeer collection: Christmas Trees above 10ft 

New Zealand's largest real Christmas Trees, grown at our Mount Eden farm.

 Dasher up to 12ft (3.66m) - $500

Dancer up to 14ft (4.27m) - $750

Prancer up to 16ft (4.88m) - $1,000

Comet up to 18ft (5.49m) - $1,250

Rudolph above 18ft  (5.49m) - $1,500


Christmas tree stands

We offer Christmas Tree stands for sale or rent. Cinco Express is the top of the line US made model gauranteed to make set up simple, safe and secure.

Price to purchase:

Table top stand $35 (for Table top trees)

Medium Stand $55 (for Small and Medium trees)

Large Stand $70 (for Large trees)

Huge Stand $90 (for Huge trees and above)

Price to rent:

Note, stand rental must be ordered together with tree removal.

Medium stand $40

Large stand $50

Huge stand $70

Huge stand with plywood stabilizing board $170 (limited supply, recommended for trees above 12 foot).


Christmas tree delivery

Includes delivery and set up in your home or office (stand sold/rented seperately or supplied by you).   Book delivery online here.

Residential Delivery - $55

CBD Office Delivery - $70


Christmas tree removal

We now offer and removal service for your home or office, trees are then recycled by us. Book removal online here

Residential removal and recycle - $50

CBD Removal and recycle - $65


Other trees

Selected ranges of other mature, nicely shaped trees for your home or garden.

Ficus Tuffi standards - $90