Misa Christmas Trees Fundraising program

Fundraising for school, churches, clubs and charities

Misa Christmas Trees offers a program for organisations, such as schools, kindergartens, clubs and charities to raise money by selling trees to their members and community then keeping the profit per tree. It is very easy to set up, and with all bookings from your community done online there is no need to chase payment or spends lots of time on admin. Many schools and community organisations work with us each year and keep coming back as they have found this a very easy and effective fundraising program and raising thousands of dollars.

How it works

We now run our Christmas Tree fundraisers via Rewardhub, a free and easy to use platform for raising funds not just with Christmas Trees but all year round with a range of online shopping sites.

  1. Go to Rewardhub and sign up your school, club, church, charity or community group as a cause

  2. You will receive a unique link to your own Reward Page with links to shops including Misa Christmas Trees

  3. Promote your Reward Page to your users, you can also get unique links to promote on social and email

  4. Your community members will get a voucher code which will reduce delivery and/or removal fee by $10

  5. You will earn 20% of all sales purchased via links on you Reward Page and be paid via bank transfer