Mid-winter Christmas Parties and Trees in Auckland

If you're based in Auckland and are thinking about throwing a midwinter Christmas party, you've come to the right place.  Hopefully we can answer a few questions you may have and also provide you with a tree to help make your mid winder celebration a success. 


Why throw a midwinter Christmas party in NZ? 

In southern hemisphere countries, like New Zealand, one popular reason for throwing a Christmas party in the middle of winter is that many Kiwis moved here from the northen hemisphere where Christmas time is cold. Having a winter Christmas party lets them experience something more like the traditional wintery feeling of Christmas in Europe or the US.

Another popular reason is that, like many of our customers, some people are just nuts about Christmas and it gives them an opportunity to get together with family and friends in the middle of winter.  Also some families and friends don't have the chance to celebrate Christmas together for various reasons (travel, etc.) so its a nice way to not miss out on the experience.

Lastly midwinter Christmas parties have become more popular for businesses and clubs as a novel event to have a little fun in the middle of winter and even for fundraising purposes.  In most cases great food plays a central role in the midwinter Christmas party.


What is the best midwinter Christmas date in NZ?

The most popular time our customers throw midwinter Christmas parties is mid July however any time from June to August is okay.  Again this often depends on family circumstances when people are only in the same city at a specific time of year.    Perhaps July is more popular as its icy cold by then too so really gives a sense of winter, in our otherwise moderate Auckland.


Where can you get midwinter Christmas Trees?

As a central city Christmas Tree farm we have trees all year round. So you can usually get a Christmas Tree from us to help get into the festive spirit.  The scent of a fresh Christmas Tree is one of the most powerful ways to invoke a sense of Christmas Time, with so many Aucklander's growing up in houses that have fresh Christmas Trees during at Christmas Time. 

To find out more or order a Christmas Tree for your midwinter Christmas party, text, call or email Mike on 027 239 2716 or sales@misachristmastrees.co.nz


Where can you get a midwinter Christmas Ham?

Enjoying traditional Christmas dishes is part of the fun, and lets face it who really needs an excuse to put a pavlova on the table and enjoy a delicious glazed ham.  The best place that we know of for finding Christmas Hams, both in full sizes and half sizes is The Meat Box.  They work directly with farms across New Zealand so you can count on good quality.