Frequently asked questions

Do you deliver?

Yes we deliver to Central Auckland suburbs and now take bookings online due to customer demand. There is a $50 delivery and set up charge regardless of suburb. You can book your delivery in here.

Do your remove and dispose of trees.

Yes we now also collect Christmas Trees with the aim of keeping them out of landfill by recycling the trees into other useful purposes such as wood chip.  You can check dates and book in Christmas Tree removal here. There is a flat $50 charge for removal and recycle.  If you prefer to drop your tree off at our yard there is a $20 disposal fee which must be paid in cash. Drop off times are on our home page.

Do you sell Christmas tree stands?

Yes we do. We think our line of stands are the most durable, practical and attractive stands on the market and for that reason have been stocking them for almost 20 years.  The stands are premium grade steel and last up to a decade, unlike most of the mass market retailer stands (which our customers tell us do not last very long!) You can also order stands here.

Can we choose our own tree from the farm?

You most certainly can! For many that is what the Misa Christmas Tree Farm experience is all about. The opportunity to have a walk, run, play among the beautiful Christmas trees inhaling the smell of the pine needles, bringing back memories of Christmas's past. Four generations of Aucklanders can't be wrong!

I’m in a hurry, can I just grab a tree from the shed?

Of course you can! As much as some people visit us to enjoy and indeed savor the experience, we know that many of you are trying to get a million things done at this hectic time of the year. If getting in and out is your objective, our friendly team of helpful staff will get you in and out faster than anywhere in Auckland! If you want to be super-quick, come in on a weekday.

What are all the shaded sheds all about?

It's vitally important to us that our customers get to enjoy their tree through the entire Christmas season.Fresh cut Christmas trees are as delicate as fresh cut flowers and are extremely sensitive to temperature, sunlight and hydration.  Fresh cut trees stored in ventilated sheds last the distance, trees jammed into hot containers or leaning against the side of containers or houses in the December sun generally don't. That's why all of our fresh cut trees are stored in ventilated, shaded shed with lots and lots of water. There is quite simply nowhere in Auckland where the trees are as well looked after.

How do I keep my Christmas tree fresh for longer?

Once a tree has been cut it needs to be in fresh water constantly from that point onward. If you are transporting the tree for more than 30 minutes, we recommend cutting a one centimeter sliver off the bottom as soon as you arrive home, before putting it back into fresh water. The reason for this is that the longer the tree is out of water the more the sap gums up the base of the tree inhibiting it's ability to drink up water, slicing a centimeter off the bottom removes this gum opening up the system for hydration again.

Pay extra attention to top the water in the stand up regularly and generously and never let it run dry, the tree will continue 'drinking' water every day, which is how it remains hydrated.

Keep your tree away from direct sunlight and air conditioning draft.  

If you do all of this the tree should keep fresh 3-4 weeks.

As you will see from the above, the first hours after the tree has been cut are critical to everything that follows. For this reason we recommend not buying trees sold on the side of the road or out of containers where it is very difficult to properly control these factors.

Do you accept EFTPOS

Yes we accept EFTPOS. We don't however accept credit cards - sorry!

Can we dig up a living tree and take it home?

Sorry - not from us. The trees never survive this sort of operation so we don't do this. We don't sell any potted Christmas trees either.

Can we reserve a tree to collect at a later date?

We used to allow this and it was great. Then people started removing other people's tags which made for really disappointed children - so now we don't allow it. We're really sorry!